North American Events

Our personnel have worked at shows in North America for many years. Previous secondment of key staff to the USA proved valuable in learning the particular requirements of US Customs and in gaining experience in dealing with the US drayage companies and their systems. With this experience and knowledge, your shipment is in the safest hands.

Our staff can advise you on the best shipping dates to fit in with your schedule. Advance delivery to our warehouse in the U.S. may often result in significant cost savings to our clients

Import Customs Bond
Any company or individual wishing to import goods into the United States is required to post a surety bond or its cash equivalent with the U.S. Customs Service. The bond guarantees that the importer will faithfully, and in a timely manner, abide by all laws and regulations governing the importation of merchandise into the commerce of the United States.

The bond is not designed or intended to protect the importer (rather it protects the people and government of the United States), nor does it relieve the importer of any of their obligations.

When a Bond is used, a percentage of the import amount is charged as a ‘Bond Fee’

Expofreight have our own US Customs Bond. This allows us full control over all of our imports


vegas 1It is compulsory in the US that a drayage company offloads all freight, delivers items to the stand (booth), takes care of empty case storage and reloads at the end of the show. No other company is permitted to operate forklifts or lifting/handling equipment at the shows. Expofreight is therefore unable to deliver your shipment directly to your stand.

To ensure safe delivery, Expofreight will work closely with the appointed drayage company, ascertaining when we can deliver your shipment to them, how to label it and to arrange collection from them after the show.