European Events

We offer a diverse range of services to shows in Europe. The following is an example of the most popular package of service that we offer to our clients. This package allows you to focus more on the other important aspects of exhibiting whilst ensuring that your exhibit will be on your stand in place and on-time.

  • Collection from your premises and transport to our receiving warehouse
  • Receipt at receiving warehouse including check weighing, measuring and labeling
  • Loading to our transport
  • Transport to the European Venue
  • Delivery of your equipment to your stand for when you arrive
  • Collection of empty packages and storage during the show
  • Liaison with your stand representative during the show to confirm return or onward shipping arrangements
  • Return delivery of empty cases after the show close
  • Collection of your packed exhibit from your stand
  • Reloading to our vehicle
  • Return transport to our warehouse
  • Delivery back to your premises

We also offer the following optional services

  • For high value equipment, a timed delivery to your stand and the reverse at the close
  • Specialised assistance with unpacking/repackaging