Money Saving Tips

I’ve been searching on the internet for industry statistics.  Of an exhibition budget, 28% is typically spent on the stand space, 12% on design,  21% on travel and entertainment, with around 9% spent on shipping and logistics.

I have also found that shipping is almost the last item to be considered at the planning and budget stages and often the last thing on the list to be organised.

This is where we can help…….

With advance knowledge of your event, we can

  • provide you with a shipping proposal to include in your budget figures for next event
  • give you a variety of shipping dates – by shipping early, we can utilise alternative methods of shipping ie. seafreight, roadfreight rather than more costly options of airfreight and express freight
  • Let you know about the value added services that we provide such as advance warehousing, packing cases, stand hardware components
  • Give you event to event shipping suggestions and proposals

We would be delighted to help you and speak with you about what you need for your next event.

Please call our sales manager, Leon Jeffery on 020 7118 1878 or email to