Diana – The Exhibition

We were honoured to be asked by our US agent to handle the importation of the Diana exhibit from the USA to Althorp, the Spencer family home, where it will be exhibited between 2nd July and 2nd September.

The exhibits include Diana’s Wedding Dress, personal diary, jewellery, photographs, letters, school reports, Bridesmaids dresses, Earl Spencer’s Speech and articles of dress wear including evening dresses, cocktail dresses and suits.

After the exhibits arrived on a freighter aircraft to the UK, we co-ordinated the transportation to Althorp taking care of the Import Customs clearance and also had our own team on-site at Althorp to handle the unloading and positioning of the crated exhibits into the exhibition area.

We have since returned to Althorp to pick-up the exhibits to send them onto Sydney, Australia where they will be on show at The Powerhouse Museum.

The insurers of the exhibit insisted that all exhibits be loaded into a hard sided, temperature and humidity controlled vehicle, have a security escort between Althorp and the airport of departure and also an Expofreight ‘witness load’ at the airport.

The witness was Wayne Forster of our Expofreight office in Horley who supervised the careful unloading of the vehicle, loading to airline pallets and into the computerised system ready for loading to a 747 freighter aircraft to Sydney. Below are photographs which Wayne took whilst overseeing the loading.