Conference Courier Specialists

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Expofreight is the Leader in Conference Courier Services. We not only work for individual companies, but are appointed by conference organisers to act as their freight forwarder/courier for their shows.

We not only handle exhibits from the UK but from anywhere in the world. At our largest conference in Monte Carlo, we also picked up exhibits from the US, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Germany.

All material is consolidated at our Gatwick warehouse and then loaded onto our own vehicles. Our drivers are in contact with us at all times by mobile phone. They drive the vehicle to the conference venue, take care of any Customs formalities where applicable and then unload and deliver to our customers booths. The delivery is timed to their instructions.

We also visit each booth prior to the show closing to confirm return or onward instructions.

At the close of the show, we re-label all equipment to be returned and reload to our vehicle for return to our Gatwick warehouse for re-distribution.

You will have your own contact in our office throughout the process, though anybody in the office can assist you with an enquiry you may have. We are also contactable 24/7 on +44 8456 439 550 for any questions you may have.

We also offer storage between events in our Gatwick location at very attractive rates to save moving your valuable equipment around too much.

More recently, we have provided different service levels to enhance your experience at your event. Our Gold package and Platinium packages are available. The Platinum package can only be offered to the first few companies that book with us as it requires extra resources from us. Contact us for more information.